Castle Buchlov
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Castle Buchlov

Address:  Statni hrad Buchlov
68708  Buchlovice
Phone:  +420 572 595 161


Last updated:  9th Jul 2006
Location of this object

Region of Zlin, in a bee line 15 km north-west from the city Uherske Hradiste.
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The beginnings of this castle date back to the first half of the 13th century. It was established by the Czech king as a strategie defensive strongpoint and legal center whith the status under the so-called hunting law. The oldest part of the castle was made up of a defensive tower residential palace and chapel. The chapel was built in the 1380's by Prague stonecutters according to the model of the St. Chappelle - the royal castle in Paris. Although the castle was the permanent property of the king of until the 16th century, it was often given out into the management of nobles families. At the end of the 15th century it was owned by the Cimburk family, under whom was built the knight's reception hall in late Gothic style.
In 1511, the castle entered private hands. From the 16th to the 18th century, castle ownership was shared by the families from Žerotín, Zástřizl and Petřvald. Additional construction was made on Buchlov in Renaissance and Baroque styles. However, in 1701 a Baroque chateau in Buchlovice was completed, to which the owners had moved permenantly by 1751. The Berchtolds of Uherčice became the last holders of Buchlov in 1800. Through the auspices of two half-brothers, Dr. Leopold I. and Dr. Bedřich I., a family museum was created at the castle, which was opened to the public in the mind - 19th century.
Today' interior furnshings, together with a collection of specimens from nature and rich library, document the evolution of interior design and lifestyles from the 15th to the 19th century. A visit to the castle may be joined with a tour of the cementary of the owners in the chapel of St. Barbora.

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    Opening hours

    Saturday, Sunday, holidays, above week only groups on demand 900 - 1500
    May, June:
    daily except Monday 800 - 1600
    July, August: Tuesday - Sunday 900 - 1700, Monday 900 - 1600
    daily except Monday 900 - 1600
    Saturday, Sunday, holidays, above week only groups on demand 900 - 1500
    Entrance fee

    Hrad: 75 CZK full * 38 CZK reduced * 65 CZK retired people
    Kaple sv. Barbory: 20 CZK full + retired people * 10 CZK reduced
    Stavebne historicka expozice: for free.
    Cizojazycny vyklad + 100% nebo bezplatne zapujceni cizojazycneho textu.

    1. tour: prve and druhe nadvori - stala expozice venovana stavebni historii objektu, delka vstupu omezena navstevnim radem
    2. tour:interiery horniho hradu, historie objektu, max. 90 min., maximum 35 people
    3. tour:kaple sv. Barbory - rodinna hrobka majitelu hradu.
    With guide, cizojazycne texty (En, De, Fr, Rus, It, Es, Hun), maximum 35 people.
    Additional services

    Reservation of tours, saling the souvenir.
    Camera, video

    no * no
    Wheelchair access


    200 m (paid) * 200 m (paid)

    Narodni pamatkovy ustav, uzemni odborne pracoviste v Brne; Sprava SH Buchlov a SZ Buchlovice . udaje o dalsich pamatkach ve sprave NPU
    Train, bus

    Bus station: Buchlovice (3 km)
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