Chateau Breznice
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Chateau Breznice

Address:  Zamek Breznice
26272  Breznice
Phone:  +420 318 682 179


Last updated:  2nd Oct 2006
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Region of Central Bohemia, in a bee line 15 km south from the city Pribram.
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Zamek z parku
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Zamecka vez
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Originally gothic fortress of the family of Buzice, which were reconstructed during 16th and 17th century reconstructed into the renaissance chateau. So called Loksanska knihovna (the Library of Loksany), the oldest renaissance library in Czechia, comes from the year of 1558. The most important architectonic adaptation of the chateau in the times after the Battle of White Mountain is building the early baroque chapel of Our Lady. Next owner was the aristocratic family Krakovsti z Kolovrat. The last private owners were the aristocratic family Palffyove z Erdödu, in 1945 the chateau fell to the ownership of state. At present, there are three chateau tours, which explain the history of all three aristocratic families, artistic styles and weapons from renaissance to 19th century, e.g. family galleries, african lounge, renaissance dining-room, chateau armory with weapons from 16th - 19th century, renaissance Library of Loksany, the Galerie of Ludvik Kuba, etc.

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    Opening hours

    Zaverecna hodina znamena cas posledni mozne prohlidky
    January - March:
    only po predbezne dohode se spravou objektu
    April, May:
    daily except Monday 900 - 1600
    June - August:
    daily except Monday 900 - 1700
    September, October:
    daily except Monday 900 - 1600
    November, December:
    only po predbezne dohode se spravou objektu

    Entrance fee

    1. tour 60 CZK full * 40 CZK reduced * 150 CZK family fee vstupne
    120 CZK cizojazycny vyklad full * 90 CZK cizojazycny vyklad reduced
    2. tour 50 CZK full * 30 CZK reduced * 120 CZK family fee vstupne
    100 CZK cizojazycny vyklad full * 80 CZK cizojazycny vyklad reduced
    Okruh I+ 70 CZK full * 50 CZK reduced * 170 CZK family fee vstupne
    140 CZK cizojazycny vyklad full * 100 CZK cizojazycny vyklad reduced
    Zamecka kaple 20 CZK full * 10 CZK reduced
    40 CZK cizojazycny vyklad full * 30 CZK cizojazycny vyklad reduced

    With guide (Cz, De, En, Ru, Fr) 55 min, maximum 33 people.
    1. navstevni tour: zamecke interiery - rodova galerie, africky salon, renesancni jidelna and interiery 18.-19.stol.
    2. navstevni tour: zamecke zbrojnice, hodovni sal, Loksanska knihovna
    Okruh I+: cely 1. tour and Hodovni sal, Loksanska knihovna, rane barokni kaple Panny Marie
    Dalsi expozice: Galerie Ludvika Kuby
    - zamecky park – anglicky park o rozloze 20 ha
    Additional services

    Reservation of tours, saling the souvenir, weddings on demand, jizda kocarem, kavarna u bylinne zahradky.
    Camera, video

    no * no
    Wheelchair access


    50 m * 50 m gratis

    Narodni pamatkovy ustav – uzemni odborne pracoviste strednich cech v Praze, sprava statniho zamku v Breznici
    Train, bus

    Bus station: Breznice [PB],, (1,5 km)
    Train station: Breznice [PB] (500 m)
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    Address:Havlickova 178, Rozmital pod Tremsinem
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