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Kĝivoklát Castle is one of the oldest and most important castles of the princes and kings of Bohemia. Its beginnings date back to the 12th century. Duringe the rule of Pĝemysl Otakar II. and Vencel (Václav) II. a large, magnificent royal castle originated which was considerably rebuilt by Vencel IV. and later added to on a grand scale by Vladislav Jagello. Kĝivoklát was heavily damaged by fire on several occasions. It became a greatly feared prison and its importance rapidly declined. The period of romantism of the 19th century and particularly the Fürstenberks, who owned the castle until 1929, saved the building from falling into decay and secured its restoration. The magnificent castle chapel, the Royal Hall and the Hall of Knights with exhibitions of Gothic paintings and sculptures, the library containing 53 000 volumes, the rich Fürstenberk museum and picture gallery, the notorious prison and torture chamber with instruments of torture, the monumental great tower with hunting collections and a splendid view of the environs, a pleasant walk along the fortification galleries, the renowned tower called Huderka with the so-called black kitchen and an observation terrace, functional replicas of Gothic tiled stoves, the gallery where exhibitions of old and contempoary creative art take place from time to time - all these and many other features from Kĝivoklát Castle, which is a national cultural monument.

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