Castle Svojanov
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Castle Svojanov

Address:  Hrad
56973  Svojanov
Phone:  +420 461 744 124


Last updated:  27th Mar 2006
Location of this object

Region of Pardubice, in a bee line 15 km south from the city Svitavy.
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Pod hradem Svojanovem
Author: Edita Dansova
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Author: Tomas Sabolcak
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Opening hours

April: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 900 - 1600
May - September: daily except Monday 830 - 1800
October: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 900 - 1600
Otherwise only after previous negotiation.
Entrance fee

Areal: 12 CZK full * 6 CZK reduced
Expozice: 25 CZK full * 15 CZK reduced

Areal: without guide
Expozice: with guide, 45 min.
Additional services

Reservation of tours, saling the souvenir, letting of premises after previous negotiation.
Camera, video

no * no
Wheelchair access


200 m (gratis)
200 m (gratis, nutno objednat)

Mesto Policka
Train, bus

Bus station: Svojanov (2 km)
Train station: Policka (20 km)
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